Food Garlic - If you love fresh organic garlic but do not have a garden then organic food garlic is for you.  "What is the difference between 'seed garlic' and 'food garlic'?" Seed garlic is the highest grade, most premium garlic we grow with the largest bulb size. Hood River Garlic seed stock is ideal for planting garlic, our organic culinary (AKA table garlic) garlic is the same quality, just smaller bulbs.

Food garlicFood garlic is the smaller garlic bulbs that do not make the seed standards. These small garlic bulbs are the same exact organic garlic varieties of our seed garlic. Here at Hood River Garlic, we have received many requests for culinary garlic. These are the garlic bulbs that we eat and now they are available to you! Hood River Garlic, organic food garlic is the perfect ingredient to add to your favorite recipes. See garlic recipe page for garlic recipe ideas.

Our organic food garlic / organic table garlic is available in two different subspecies- softneck and hardneck. The softneck food garlic will be an artichoke garlic, we will determine what varieties after harvest.

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