Russian Red

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Marbled Purple Stripe hardneck variety. There is another strain of Russian Red that is in the Rocambole sub group. Our Russian Red is a Marbled Purple Stripe variety. The cloves are quite large, so there tend to be fewer cloves per bulb, and fewer cloves per pound than their cousins the Purple Stripes. Outer bulb skins have purple and white dappled coloration.
5-9 cloves per bulb. 35-40 cloves per pound. Late harvest. Store 6 months. Recommended for Zones 1-6. Produces scapes. Hot. Medium hot.
Please note: all orders placed now will be shipped in mid September, 2017. Thanks!
8 oz: $13.50.
1 lb: $23.00.
2 lb: $43.75. Save 5%.

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