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Creole hardneck variety. Longest storage quality of all the hardnecks. At first glance, Keeper appears to be quite dull, with ordinary tan outer bulb skin, but inside you will find beautiful cloves of rich crimson and burgundy. Creoles do best in mild winter climates. They are not recommended for cold winter climates, but if stored properly, a spring planting can be quite productive. The flavor tends to improve in storage, making them prized by chefs during the months of late winter and early spring. 5 - 9 cloves per bulb. 35 - 45 cloves per pound. Mid harvest. Stores 8 - 9 months. Recommended for Zones 5-10. Medium -sweet. We will ship garlic seed after Christmas, to give our US Postal workersa break. Garlic will ship on December 27th. Thanks!

8 oz: $13.25. 

1 lb: $22.25.

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