Shantang Purple

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Turban hardneck variety. Originated from China and brought to the U.S. via Chrysalis farm of Viroqua, Wisconsin, AKA “Shangtung Purple and Shang Tung Purple”. A huge producer, our Shantang Purple produces some bulbs up to a ¼ pound! Great garlic for varied climates, it can handle hot dry climates as well as cold northern climates. The bulbs are attractive, with amethyst stripes on creamy white skin. Large sized cloves that break apart easily. 6 - 8 cloves per bulb. 38 - 48 cloves per pound. Early harvest. Stores 6 - 7 months. Hot.  Please note: All garlic ordered now will be shipped after the 1st week of October Thanks!
8 oz: $13.00. 
1 lb: $22.00.


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