Included in the 1 lb (1/4 pound each type) and 2 lb – save 3% (1/2 pound each) Variety Packs are four different varieties: Purple Stripe – hardneck, Asiatic – hardneck and Porcelain – hardneck, Artichoke – softneck.

The Variety Packs contain 4 superb varieties for any gardener or chef.

Asiatic hardneck variety. 4-10 cloves per bulb. 40-60 cloves per pound. Early to mid harvest. Stores 6 months. [Hot] Recommended for Zones 3-9.
Purple Stripe hardneck variety. The Purple Stripe horticultural group has been awarded the “best baked garlic” by Martha Stewart, Sunset Magazine and Rodale Press. 10 – 12 cloves per bulb. 50 – 60 cloves per pound. Late harvest. Stores 5 – 6 months. Small bulbs store the longest. [Hot] Recommended for Zones 1-9.

Porcelain hardneck variety. Porcelains perform well in cold climates. Chef’s love its robust flavor and huge, easy to peel cloves.                          4 – 6 large easy peeling cloves per bulb. 25 – 30 cloves per pound. Mid harvest. Stores 6 months. Medium – Hot.

Artichoke softneck variety. Wonderful garlic strains, may perform well in cold winter climates and warm winter climates. Softneck garlic varieties will store longer than hardneck garlic varieties, so always save the softnecks for later use.                                                                            10 – 15 cloves per bulb. 85 – 95 cloves per pound. Early harvest variety. Stores 6 – 7 months. Recommended for Zones 2-10. Mild flavor.
Please note: If you order Garlic Variety Packs now, they will be shipped starting mid September, 2020. Thanks!

1 lb: $27.00
2 lb: $50.00