Turban Hardneck Variety

Turban hardneck variety. Typical of all Turbans, China Dawn is an early maturing variety. It is OK to eat your Turbans before they have cured all the way. After picking through last year’s garlic, eating the spicy fresh cloves of China Dawn is a true culinary treat. It has a slightly floral smell and the flavor has medium to hot heat. The bulbs have beautiful purple to burgundy pinstripes on creamy white skin. Turbans are great producers and yield very large bulbs.
Please note this image is actually Thai Fire, but they are both Turban varieties and they look almost identical. We will have a new image soon.

China Dawn Garlic Characteristics

6 – 8 cloves per bulb. 38 – 48 cloves per pound. Early harvest. Stores 6 – 7 months. Hot.

8 oz: $13.00. Smaller bulbs on sale $12.00. They are smaller bulbs but still nice large cloves!