Silverskin softneck variety – This garlic is not from China!

Silverskin softneck variety. Silverskins can grow in varied climates: from maritime, cool wet winters to arid, hot dry winters. They make terrific garlic braids with their broad tall leaves, and outstanding storage quality. In storage, they can handle more humidity than other softnecks, making them some of the longest storing garlic of all. If stored properly a spring planting is very productive. The bulb skins are white with hints of pink and the flavor is spicy.  Please see the Silver White seed garlic for an image. The garlic is exactly the same, the culinary garlic is just smaller bulbs than the seed garlic. Grown in the Pacific Northwest, none of our garlic ever originates from China.
Please note: All Silverskin Culinary Garlic ordered now will be shipped starting in the forth week of September, 2022. Thanks!

Silverskin Culinary Garlic Characteristics

12 to 15 cloves per bulb • 60 to 75 cloves per pound • Stores 8 to months  • Hot
1 lb: $14.00.