Asiatic Hardneck Garlic

Korean Mountain Asiatic hardneck variety. Attractive bulbs with brown to auburn colored clove skins. Not a variety to be overlooked, Korean Mountain is comparable in flavor to its Purple Stripe cousins, but with longer storage quality. Asiatics have peculiar umbel capsules that are extra elongated. They are weak bolters, but they do produce very large bulbils. When planted in the fall the bulbils are capable of producing mini garlic bulbs and garlic scallions in the spring.

Please note: This image is actually Korean Red, but they are both Asiatics and they look almost identical. We will have a new image soon!

Korean Mountain Hardneck Garlic Characteristics

7 to 10 cloves per bulb. 60 to 65 cloves per pound. Mid harvest. Stores 6 months. Zones 3 to 10. Produces scapes. Hottest. 

8 oz: $13.00.