Silverskin softneck variety – Now available for spring planting. Please note: If you are ordering Silver White for spring planting and garlic seed for fall planting, please place two separate orders. That way shipping charges will apply to both spring and fall shipments. Please feel free to call for assistance. Thank you.

Silverskin softneck variety. Silverskins can grow in varied climates: from maritime, cool wet winters to arid, hot dry winters. They make terrific garlic braids with their broad tall leaves, and outstanding storage quality. In storage, they can handle more humidity than other softnecks, making them some of the longest storing garlic of all. If stored properly a spring planting is very productive. The bulb skins are white with hints of pink and the flavor is spicy. This photo is an Artichoke variety. We will have a new image soon.

Silver White Garlic Characteristics

12 to 15 cloves per bulb • 60 to 75 cloves per pound • Mid to late harvest. Stores 8 to months! • Zones 4 to 10 • Does not produce scapes • Hot. This garlic is available now for spring planting.
If you order this Silver White garlic available for spring planting, it will be shipped within 24 hours. Thanks! If you are ordering garlic for spring planting, and garlic for fall planting, please place two separate orders. That way shipping will be applied to the spring and fall garlic shipments. Thank you!

8 oz: $13.00. Small bulbs now on sale for $8.00 per 1/2 pound.
1 lb: 22.50. Small bulbs now on sale: for $15.00 per pound.
2 lbs: Small bulbs now on sale: for $29.00 for 2 pounds.