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Hood River Garlic is a small, certified organic garlic seed farm located in Oregon's beautiful Hood River Valley
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All orders will be shipped beginning in mid September and are spread out through October
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Current news: March 2018... We are now taking preseason orders!
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Welcome to Hood River Garlic!

This page last updated on September 18th, 2021.

We have Chesnok Red – Purple Stripe hardneck seed garlic, available right now. As well as several softneck varieties (all orders placed now will be shipped starting October 20th, see below for shipping schedule). Chet’s Italian Red  –  Artichoke softneck variety and Silver White Silverskin softneck variety. WE also have culinary garlic available: Purple Stripe hardneck and a Silverskin softneck. All garlic seed ordered now will be shipped starting October 20th, 2021. Thank you!

Here is our shipping schedule for the fall 2021 garlic shipping season.
If you ordered your garlic seed for the fall 2021 garlic planting season in:

  • January, your garlic will ship Sept 15th – Sept 17th. Yipee! Your garlic has shipped!
  • February, your garlic will ship Sept 18th – Sept 19th. Yay! your garlic has shipped!
  • March, your garlic will ship Sept 20th – Sept 22nd. Wahoo! Orders placed before March 20th have all shipped!
  • April, your garlic will ship Sept 22nd – Sept 23rd.
  • May, your garlic will ship Sept 23rd – Sept 26th.
  • June, your garlic will ship Sept 27th – Sept 29th.
  • July, your garlic will ship Sept 30th – Oct 2nd.
    August, your garlic will ship Oct 3rd – Oct 5th.
    Sept 1st through Sept 6th, your garlic will ship Oct 6th – 8th
    Sept 7th through Sept 12th,
    your garlic will ship Oct 17th.
  • Sept 13th, your garlic will ship Oct 18th.
  • Sept 14th through Sept 17th, your garlic will ship Oct 19th.
  • Sept 18th – , your garlic will ship Oct 20th.
    I am sad to say that a family member has passed away and I have to travel to go to a memorial service. Therefore, I will have to take a week off from shipping. I will return on the 16th and start shipping on the 17th. Thank you for your understanding.
Please note: We start taking pre-season orders in January. We usually sell out of hardnecks by June. If you are interested in hardneck varieties, please order before mid June. Please check back in the beginning of September, 2021 for any hardnecks that may become available for the fall 2021 planting season. Thanks!

This year marks our 21st garlic planting season and we are looking forward to our 22nd planting season! Thank you to all of our fabulous customers making it possible for us to provide you with fabulous Certified Organic Seed Garlic and Certified Organic Culinary Garlic.  
Specializing in certified organic garlic seed for planting garlic in your own garden, Hood River Garlic is a certified organic garlic farm located in the beautiful Hood River Valley, Oregon, USA. We take great pride in growing garlic and strive to sell our customers the best organic garlic seed available. Dedicated to environmental sustainability we have always been organic and became Certified Organic by the Oregon Tilth in May, 2002. This is our 19th year being Certified Organic! All Hood River Garlic is grown in The Columbia River Gorge, from U.S.A. grown organic garlic seed stock.

Please note: Substitutions- Farming is very unpredictable. We do our best to provide premium quality organic seed garlic. We try to manage our inventory as best as possible, but sometimes there may be shortages of certain garlic varieties. If a shortage occurs we will have to make a substitution. We will make the substitution as close as possible to the original garlic variety ordered. If there is not a proper substitution, we will contact you with a selection of comparable varieties. Thank you for your understanding.

Please Note: All garlic seed ordered now will be shipped starting October 17th, 2021. There is no garlic available for immediate shipping. There is no garlic available at this time to ship. If you order garlic from now through mid September and expect it to be shipped immediately, and then cancel your order when you find out it will not ship until mid September, there will be a canceled order fee (please see refund page). Sorry for the cancel order fee, but we try to make it clear that there is no garlic available now. Thank you for your understanding.

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Hood River Garlic – Organic Garlic Seed Stock

Here is a list of Hardneck and Softneck Organic Seed Garlic varieties that we grow here at Hood River Garlic. Due to shortages: all garlic varieties are not available every year. We do our best to provide as many cultivars as we can each year. Here at Hood River Garlic, we plant our organic garlic seed in the fall. We harvest garlic in late June through July. We cure garlic in the barn and begin cleaning garlic in August. We start shipping garlic in mid September and ship into October and sometimes November. We have started taking pre-season orders for the 2021 fall garlic planting season. Please note: Pre-season orders means if you order now, your garlic seed will be shipped in September (and into October) for the fall planting season. All orders placed now (May 5th, 2021) will be shipped starting the third week of September, 2021. All orders are shipped in the order that they are received, so if you live in the North and want an early ship date, please order before May. Some years we have Silverskin varieties for sale in the spring, but it sold out completely last year, so there is no garlic available for spring planting and immediate shipping. Again: there is no garlic available for the Spring 2021 planting season. All Hood River Garlic seed is Certified Organic by the Oregon Tilth.
This page was last updated on May 5th, 2021. Thank you.

Hardneck varieties

  • Ajo Rojo
  • Asian Tempest
  • Bogytar
  • Brown Rose
  • Burgundy
  • Chesnok Red
  • Chinese Red & White
  • Deerfield Purple
  • Georgia Crystal
  • Georgia Fire
  • Keeper
  • Khabar
  • Kisklyk
  • Kranagasger Red
  • Lavignia
  • Metechi
  • Red Janice
  • Romanian Red
  • Russian Red
  • Shantang Purple
  • Shatili
  • Siberian
  • Spanish Roja
  • Thai Fire
  • Thai Purple
  • Tuscun
  • Xian

Softneck Artichoke Varieties

  • California Early
  • Chet’s Italian Red
  • Corsica Red
  • Early Italian Red
  • Inchelium Red
  • Kettle River
  • Nootka Rose
  • Oregon Blue
  • Polish White
  • Silver White
  • Susanville
  • Transylvanian

Try Our Recipes!

Garlic scape season is in June. Please call or email for garlic scape availability. See our garlic recipes like Garlic Butter and Garlic in Olive Oil.

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Hi Terri
​I’ve ordered garlic before from your company and it is high quality, I was very pleased with what was sent. I like to try a wide variety to see what works best here, not only for growing but for storage.
Brian and Debbie in Dove Creek

Hi Terri! We love y’all’s garlic – the softnecks we get always grow quite well here. We had a very weird, early harvest season for the garlic here. It’s been very wet, so it grew really well very quickly. – I’m glad we’ve got a great company like Hood River to order from.  Thanks again!

Danelle in Miles

I am in love with all my garlic plants. My facebook friends are probably sick of hearing how much we have been enjoying our scape pesto. When I was getting slim on garlic scapes I also added radish leaves and horseradish leaves to help it go a long ways. We know the best still is yet to come, I look forward every year to grow my varieties and to buy a few more new ones from you.

Kate in Epsom

Up until today, we had no bare ground around our little piece of earth. Temps in the 60s made a difference and the world is awash with water. We loved the garlic we got from you. It produced very well with great quality, and we are looking forward to this years crop!

Jan in Perham ME
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