Please Note: All garlic seed ordered now will be shipped starting mid September, 2023. There is no garlic available for immediate shipping. If you order garlic from now through mid September and then cancel your order it will have a cancelation fee (please see refund page).

Hood River Garlic is USDA certified organic. Grown in the U.S.A., from 100% organic seed stock originating from U.S. soil. Absolutely none of our garlic planting stock is from non-organic or Chinese seed stock.

Please note: Hardneck garlic thrives in cold climates, softneck garlic grows well in warm climates. If you want to try a hardneck in a warm climate, we recommend: Purple Stripe, Chesnok Red or Marbled Purple Stripe, Metechi. As well as Turban varieties: Red Janice, Shantang Purple, Thai Fire, Thai Purple and Tuscan. As well as Creole varieties: Burgundy, Creole Red and Keeper.