Hood River Garlic is a small, certified organic garlic seed farm located in Oregon’s beautiful Hood River Valley. Here at Hood River Garlic we have over sixteen years of experience growing organic seed garlic. We have grown “seed quality” garlic for over 18 years (the first few years we learned a lot!) and our success in growing great organic seed garlic and organic culinary garlic comes from lots of hard work and experience. Before starting our own web site, our organic seed garlic was purchased by three other big seed companies to sell through their web sites and seed catalogs.

From the Hood River Chamber of Commerce: “Hood River is home to two of Oregon’s 7 Wonders.  Located at the crossroads of the spectacular Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and the magnificent Cascade Range and just one hour from Portland, Hood River is wildly gorge-ous, offering outdoor recreation, dramatic vistas, historic landmarks, bountiful fruit and fantastic food, wine, beer and hard cider.”

Hood River Garlic has been certified Organic by the Oregon Tilth since May, 2002. Our relationship with the Oregon Tilth can ensure our customers that our organic garlic seed is of superior quality and grown in a clean and safe environment. We have a great following of dedicated customers who buy their organic seed garlic from us every year. All Hood River Garlic is grown here in the Northwest. All of our garlic seed stock is US grown and 100% certified organic. We will never grow or sell any organic seed garlic that did not originate from American soil. Whether you buy your organic seed garlic from us or another garlic seed supplier, we hope that you be conscientious and ask them where their garlic seed originates. Be sure that you only plant garlic seed that has originated in US soil. Not only is this good for your soil, it is good for the planet and it is good for our economy!

After garlic harvest, curing and cleaning our garlic harvest, we store the seed garlic at a temperature between 55 to 59 degrees. With precision timing, careful storage and strict quality control, we do the best that we can to ensure that your organic garlic seed will arrive to your door in the best condition possible…(to our best ability!). All of our customers are valued to us, from the smallest 1/2 pound orders to our largest orders. We are happy to help everyone grow their own organic garlic. We hope you will enjoy growing your organic Hood River Garlic seed as much as we enjoy growing it for you.

About Us ~ Eric and Terri

In May 1996, Eric moved onto our farm with a push mower and a sleeping bag. Terri (that’s me!) shows up in August and we spend the rest of the summer windsurfing. A twenty two foot Prowler became our home for the next seven years. (Eric almost year round but I migrated to ski at Snowbird in the winters until we started building our house in the spring of 2002.)

The first crop of organic seed garlic was planted in November of 1999. Farming organically from the very beginning, we learned a lot about growing organic garlic and sustainable farming in those first years and became certified organic by the Oregon Tilth in May, 2002.

Hood River Garlic has been planting organic garlic from the very first garlic seed Eric planted in that fall of 1999. A lot of farmers become organic to sell their crops for more money. For us, there has never been any other way, we choose organic farming for the planet, children and the critters, not because of financial gain. My introduction to organic living began in the 80’s, after learning that animals were being used to test beauty products. From that day forward I have purchased only “Cruelty Free” shampoos, lotions, soap, etc. We grow our garlic organically and we support all other organic farms and sustainable businesses.

We are dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture and to help protect the planet. One ‘environmentally friendly’ step at a time.

Our days of windsurfing are more limited now since 1996, but it certainly shows in the pride that we take in growing organic garlic. Today, our small home has replaced the Prowler and we strive for a simple, healthy lifestyle. In our home and on our farm we do everything possible to minimize our carbon footprint on the planet.

May you always have a bountiful harvest and many loved ones to share it with.

Eric and Terri Hixson