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If you have a question about what variety of garlic to grow in your area, please look at the FAQ’s (FAQ’s about growing garlic) page. You can also look at the Garlic Groups page, for detailed information on each garlic horticulture group.

If you have any questions about planting garlic and how to Grow garlic please see: “How to Grow Garlic” you may also try the Garlic Calendar for helpful tips on growing garlic each month of the garlic growing season.

You can also look at Hood River Garlic’s FAQ’s page about any other questions that you may have about growing garlic and have your questions answered right away.

All garlic and garlic accessories are sold through internet sales and shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS.

Phone number: 541-386-1220
Mailing Address:
Hood River Garlic
P.O. Box 602
Omak, WA 98841

Please note: All garlic seed, culinary garlic, and garlic accessories are sold via the internet and shipped. We do not have a store location for pick up.

We welcome your questions, requests, and comments via the contact form. If you have an issue with our shopping cart, please provide the following information so we can quickly resolve the issue: 1) Did you order using your desktop browser (which browser, PC, Mac, Linux), your tablet (Apple, Android, Microsoft), your phone (Apple, Android, Microsoft). 2) A detailed description on the problem.

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