Growing organic garlic as seen from a farmers perspective –

Providing exceptional organic garlic Terri after first organic garlic harvest ~ July 2000Hood River Garlic has been dedicated to sustainable agriculture from the very first organic garlic seed we planted in the fall of 1999.

We have been Certified Organic by the Oregon Tilth since May 2002. Being Certified Organic means that we have a responsibility to our customers to grow the highest quality organic seed garlic and organic culinary garlic available. To earn the USDA organic label from the Oregon Tilth our farm has to pass a yearly inspection by the Oregon Tilth. All Hood River Garlic is grown here in the Pacific Northwest, in the Columbia River Gorge. To serve our many customers, we have some growers who grow garlic for us as well. All of our garlic growers are Certified Organic. All garlic planting stock is grown in the United States and is USDA certified organic. All garlic grown at Hood River Garlic comes from American soil. We are dedicated to our organic farming practices as well as buying locally. We support US Farmers.

Our Organic Certification ensures that our organic garlic seed is grown in accordance to all Oregon Tilth and USDA specifications. All of our garlic seed is hand selected from our own garlic planting stock. Hood River Garlic is handled with care from the soil it grows in, to the time it gets boxed up for your order. Everything is done by hand to assure that the final product does not get bruised before it arrives at your home. Planting garlic is done by hand, as well as weeding, harvesting and cleaning. All trays and cardboard boxes used for cleaning and storage are reused and recycled. All amendments added to our soil is 100% organic. Our garlic fields are far away from conventional farms so there is no over spray. Our farm history has been verified by The Oregon Tilth.

We keep accurate records of all planting garlic, weeding garlic, foliage feeding, rotating crops, and irrigating garlic each year to renew our Oregon Tilth Organic Certification. Our mission here at Hood River Garlic is to sell you the best organic garlic you can buy.

We hope that you will enjoy your garlic as much as we enjoyed growing it for you.

Be healthy, enjoy life and eat lots of garlic.

Terri and Eric