About Us

Hood River Garlic is proud of our product and our commitment to customer service. We guarantee that when you make a purchase from us, it will be safe and secure.
We are dedicated to our customers and want to make their experience with Hood River Garlic a pleasant one.

Mailing List and Personal Information

Hood River Garlic is a small privately owned certified organic garlic farm. We appreciate the trust you put in Hood River Garlic and we do not sell our mailing list to anyone nor do we overflow your mailbox with junk mail every week. Hood River Garlic honors our customers’ privacy and do not share our customer records with other marketers. Your personal information is secure with us.

We are proud to be a sustainable, green company inside the office and outside on the farm.

You may contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy at custserv@hoodrivergarlic.com or 541-386-1220.

Using the Information We Collect

All information collected by Hood River Garlic is used solely by us. Since we use PayPal, our customer records contain only name, address, email and phone numbers about our customers. We do not have an email newsletter at this time so you have no fear of being bombarded by frequent emails as well. However we prefer to have an email address on file for notification of payment received or to notify that your garlic package has been shipped. For our customers that do not use PayPal they have the option of paying with a credit card on line, we just use PayPal as our credit card merchant. If you want to pay by personal check or money order and no bank records are kept on those personal checks. There are no credit cards or bank records on file. We also do not use cookies


Our web site does not use “cookies, which is a small amount of data that is stored on your computer’s hard drive.

Safe, Secure Online Ordering

All of our online orders go through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account and would like to pay by credit card, you may proceed through the check out and find the credit card logo that you wish to use. PayPal is a secure, protected site. All PayPal transactions are covered with 100% protection against unauthorized payments through your account. As a fraud-prevention measure, PayPal will send you an email confirmation for all transactions made through our shopping cart. Hood River Garlic respects your online privacy.

Terms of Use – Copyright 2008 – All Rights Reserved

All of the written text on the Hood River Garlic web site has been copyrighted since 2005. Hood River Garlic has a US Copyright on all material since 2008 with the United States Copyright Office, in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. All of the content on our web site is owned by Hood River Garlic and is subject to copyright, trademark, service mark and intellectual property rights. The content of this web site; certification logos, copyrighted material, photographs, images (including illustrations, tiff files and jpgs), are intended solely for personal, non-commercial use by the users of the site. All written articles and stories have been written by us, in our own words. We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any person caught stealing our intellectual property, mirroring our web site image, copying the format of our web site. This includes the Header, Footer, Navigation Bar (and all contents of Navigation Bar), Current News Box (and all contents of Current News Box), The Garlic Calendar, Recipes, Content, Color Scheme, Garlic Descriptions (including origin of garlic, garlic description, harvest schedule, cloves per bulb, cloves per pound, heat index, etc.), Shipping Chart, and the Photo Gallery, etc. We will not tolerate any theft of our copyrighted material. Plagiarism is a crime and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. If you would like to use any part of our written text, recipes, ideas, images, or other content, please contact us for permission to do so. Upon request, you can pay Hood River Garlic for the written material (or images), quote us, or put a direct link to the Hood River Garlic web site.

You may Bookmark your favorite page, copy information, download, print and store information for your own personal, non-commercial use only. No right, title or interest in any downloaded materials is transferred to you as a result of coping or downloading. You may not copy/paste, nor print, scan and download any logo, icons, image, photograph, illustration, written material, tiff or jpg onto another web site, network computer or broadcast the content in any media. Hood River Garlic reserves the full intellectual property right and complete title of any content you download from our web site. The only exception is for personal, non-commercial use. You may not reproduce, display, publish, copy, download, modify, distribute, transmit, transfer or create similar content from our web site.

Return Policy

We grow and sell only the finest quality garlic seed for our customers. If you have any complaints about our product you may contact us and we will do everything possible to make you a happy customer. Please call, email or write any problems that you encounter.

We will honor a complete refund or send a new shipment of garlic to you at our cost. If a problem should occur at the end of the garlic planting year, If we are sold out of garlic for the season, you may have to get a credit for the following year.

Questions, Problems or Comments

Please feel free to contact us “any time” between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. custserv@hoodrivergarlic.com, 541-386-1220.

All Rights Reserved August 23rd, 2020

Copyright is the legal ownership of a type of fixed creative work, such as a book, song, computer program, or architectural work

The registration provides clear proof you are the owner. If anyone wants to use your copyrighted work, they must obtain a license from you to do so.” This quotation comes from Legal Zoom 8-22-2020.

We have the words “all rights reserved” on the footer of every page of our web site so that no one can use our work without your permission

Our work on our web site has been Copyrighted since 2008. All Rights Reserved.

If anyone is caught stealing our intellectual property they will be asked to remove our work and disable their website until it is done.

All articles, text, garlic descriptions, instructional articles, photos and calculations are owned by Hood River Garlic, LLC. All material on this web site was written by me. They are my creative words.

If I see two of my creative words linked together on another site, you will be asked to remove it. I know that these are my words, because I WROTE THEM.

Plagiarism is an academic crime. We were taught not to plagiarize in high-school. There are a few of my garlic descriptions, that I could not word better than Ted Jordan Meredith, so I honor his work and give him credit and refer to his book :The Complete Book of Garlic”. That is what honest people do. If you copy paste my work you are stealing from us. It shows a great lack of honor and integrity to steal some one else work that they have worked on for over 15 years.

If anyone would like to use my intellectual property or photos, please ask permission. I will consider your request as long as you give me credit for my words and you give credit to our photographer.