Each month the gift package will include 3/4 of a pound of The Garlic of the Month and a Garlic of The Month description. The sign up for members of The Garlic of The Month is offered now through January. For members signing up in December, the recipient will receive one Garlic of The Month. Then The Holiday Garlic of The Month will resume again after our July 2016 harvest, and the recipient will receive the August, September, October, November and December Garlic of The Month, for a total of 6 months of garlic. The garlic that is received is culinary garlic and may also be used for seed garlic. Garlic planting tips are included during the garlic planting season.

The August Garlic of The Month is a Turban hardneck variety: Turban Blossom.
The September, October, November Garlic of The Month will vary from a Porcelain, Asiatic or a Purple Stripe.
The December will be an Artichoke or a Creole.
The January Garlic of The Month will  be a Silverskin softneck variety: Silver White, .

The Garlic of The Month is $180.00
All Garlic of The Month ordered now will start shipping in August, 2023. Thanks!