***The first shipment of fresh garlic will begin in August 2024 with 0.75# of fresh Turban Blossom garlic and a recipe!!  There will be no garlic shipped right now.  Thank you.***


If you would like one shipment of fresh garlic now and the remainder 5 shipments next fall, we do have 1 left of our Holiday Garlic of the Month.  Check it out while supplies last. 


The Hood River Garlic – Garlic of The Month
Each month from August through January, you will receive 3/4 of a pound of The Garlic of the Month and the description.  This is a total of 6 months of garlic. The certified organic garlic that is received is culinary garlic and may also be used for seed garlic.

The August Garlic of The Month is a Turban hardneck variety: Turban Blossom.
The September, October, November Garlic of The Month will vary from a Porcelain, Rocambole or a Purple Stripe.
The December will be an Artichoke variety.
The January Garlic of The Month will be a Silverskin softneck variety: Silver White or Nootka Rose.

The Garlic of The Month is $185.00

All Garlic of The Month ordered now will start shipping in August, 2024. Thanks!