Wynbrandt Farms Instant Compost Tea

We are excited to partner with Wynbrandt Farms to bring you samples of his amazing instant tea.  This is a soil and plant superfood and a microbial inoculant.  Full of living microbes so your plants will be stronger and more resistant to pests and disease.

We loved adding this product to our foliar spray this year. It’s so easy to use; just add to water and apply directly to your plants or into the soil.  You can also just add it directly to the soil without mixing in water first.  You can’t go wrong with it!

Each order will come with an all natural cotton muslin bag with drawstring.  You can drop it directly into water as a compost “tea” bag.

2-4 Tablespoons will make 1 gallon of tea

4 Tablespoons  $4.00

8 Tablespoons  $7.00


Approved for Certified Organic use.