Organic garlic scapes are becoming quite popular with chefs and they are making a scene at local Farmer’s Markets. You can sauté garlic scapes in your favorite pasta dish, dry garlic scapes to use them all winter long in soups, roasts or stir fries. Or freeze them in some wonderful garlic scape pesto. (see recipe below)

Sorry, our Certified Organic Garlic Scapes are sold out for the season. Please order early for next years garlic scape season. Garlic scapes ship in June, garlic seed ships in September, Thanks.

About Garlic Scapes – Don’t know what a “Garlic Scape” is?
Garlic scapes are the flower that the garlic plant will produce in the late spring. It is necessary to pinch off or “Pop” the garlic scape in order for the energy of the garlic plant to be directed to bulb development instead of a beautiful flower or garlic bulbil. The garlic scapes are typically harvested between late May until the beginning of June, but environmental conditions play a major role in determining when they are harvested. The optimum time to harvest the garlic scapes is when they have made a complete curl and this will vary from zone to zone. Please look at The Garlic Calendar (May and June) for more information and images.

Want to try growing garlic scapes in your own garden?Here is a guide to help you choose the best garlic varieties for next years garlic scapes.

Best garlic scapes for eating: All of them! All of the hardnecks will produce scapes. But the Asiatics, Creoles and Turbans are sub-varieties of the Artichokes variety and sometimes under environmental conditions, they may not express a garlic scape. Sometimes the Creoles will broom (they send out several wispy small scapes) and they are not good for eating. Stick with the Purple Stripes, Glazed Purple Stripes, Marbled Purple Stripes, Porcelains and Rocamboles for the absolute best garlic scapes.

The earliest garlic scapes to harvest: The earliest garlic scapes to harvest are from the Purple Stripe varietal, Belarus. The Turbans would be the next garlic scapes available for eating.

Best garlic scapes for beautiful flowers: Probably an all time favorite of garlic flowers or garlic bulbils are from the Marbled Purple Stripe Group, Siberian. The Siberian flowers express some of the most spectacular displays of bulbils in the garlic world. If you have never left a few garlic plants out in the field for this display, it is defiantly worth losing a few bulbs.

Best garlic scapes for garlic bulbils: The best garlic scapes to leave on the garlic plant in the garden to develop into garlic bulbils are the Asiatics and the Rocamboles. These two garlic groups express extremely large garlic bulbils. When planted in the fall, garlic bulbils from Asiatics and Rocamboles can grow into mini bulbs or garlic greens in the spring.

Garlic Scapes Testimonials

from Emma in Peoria IL 6/7/15

Got them, cooked some today, there are great !

from Ann in Melbourne FL 6/16/13
Yeah. Thank you. We love them (garlic scapes!) and make pesto, freeze and use it all year long.

from David, NY, NY 6/04/13
I am looking forward to the scrapes very much. I have only had them once before – last year while in Portland I bought some at the farmer’s market downtown. Not knowing anything about them or garlic in general I thought I could find them anywhere and anytime. So very happy to find that it is harvest time. 🙂 Cheers – David


from Alan, Winnemucca, NV 6/21/10

“I HAVE GARLIC SCAPES!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! Thank you. You are the best.” – quote from happy customer that just discovered the garlic scapes in his garden.