*** Please note: This garlic will not begin shipping until mid-September 2024.  This is for pre-order.  If you would like fresh garlic immediately, check out our 2023 culinary garlic or 2023 seed still available.  Thank you ***

Hood River Garlic 1/2 Pound Variety Pack:

If you would like to try growing several different types of garlic: Hood River Garlic Variety Packs are for you!
The 1/2 pound Variety Pack: we realize that some of our gardeners have small lawns and gardens so we offer a 1/2 pound Variety Pack. Perfect for the beginner gardener or garlic enthusiast who just wants to try to grow your own!
1/2 Pound Variety Pack: $15.00.

1/2 Pound Variety Pack Description:

Montana ZEMO – Porcelain hardneck variety.  Originated from the village of Zemo Surebi in the Supsa valley boarding the Adzaro-Imeretinian Mountains, Cochatauri Province, in the Republic of Georgia. Zemo can handle cold winter climates. During a taste test of 8 different garlic varieties, Zemo was chosen as one of the panels’ favorite by America’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated magazine. Creamy white teardrop shaped bulbs, spicy garlic flavor and high allicin content.

Zemo Garlic Characteristics:  4 to 6 cloves per bulb. 25 to 30 cloves per pound. Late harvest. Stores 6 months. Zones 1 to 7. Produces scapes. Hot.


Silver White – Silverskin softneck variety. Silverskins can grow in varied climates: from maritime, cool wet winters to arid, hot dry winters. In storage, they can handle more humidity than other softnecks, making them some of the longest storing garlic of all. The bulb skins are white with hints of pink and the flavor is spicy.

Silver White Garlic characteristics: 9-10 cloves per bulb • 60 to 75 cloves per pound • Mid to late harvest. Stores 8 to 10 months! • Zones 4 to 10 • Does not produce scapes • Hot