***This garlic will ship within a few days.  Still very fresh from our 2023 harvest.***

It’s not too late to plant garlic.  If you can work your soil, you can plant your garlic.  The harvest might be a bit later, but it will still grow and do well.

Artichoke softneck variety

Inchelium Red Artichoke softneck. Originated south of the Canadian border: along the banks of the Columbia River, on the Colville Indian Reservation in the town of Inchelium, Washington. Its medium bodied flavor rated very high in the Rodale Kitchen taste test in 1990. It is highly adaptable to cold winter climates and well as warm southern climates. A great producer with consistent yields of large bulbs that are dappled with red and burgundy hues.

Please note: All 2023 Inchelium Red garlic seed ordered now will be shipped within a few days of ordering!


Inchelium Red Garlic Characteristics

8-10 cloves per bulb. 65-75 cloves per pound. Early harvest. Stores 5-6 months. Recommended for Zones 3-10. Mild to medium.

8 oz: $11.00.
1 lb: $20.00.