Grater Good

We have partnered with a local vendor that we met at a garlic festival to bring you The Grater Good homemade garlic grater.

This grater is a ceramic handmade plate with little “teeth” in the center.  You rub your garlic cloves over the surface to get the most amazing garlic paste.

I love using this grater in my kitchen.  The garlic flavor is very intense and amazing!

After grating your garlic, you can either use the brush to put your fresh garlic directly into your recipe or you can just add oil directly onto the plate with some salt and pepper and it doubles as a small dipping plate.

You can also use it for turmeric, horseradish, ginger, hard cheeses, spices, chocolates, and more.  It will not grate your fingers or knuckles like metal graters.

Package includes beautiful handmade ceramic grater, blue silicone garlic peeler, brush, and instructions.


Dimensions:  Diameter is approx. 4 inches