Ajo Rojo – Creole hardneck variety. Originating from Spain, Ajo Rojo came to us via Nevada in the 1990s. Original name is Spanish Rojo, the name Ajo Rojo means “Red Garlic”. This zesty little garlic has pale white outer skin wrappers, but once peeled away you reveal striking crimson colored cloves. A sweet tasting garlic that ends with some heat. Creoles are a Silverskin (softneck) sub-variety, which attributes to its great storage quality; the longest storage life of all the hardnecks. The flavor tends to improve in storage.
Ajo Rojo Garlic characteristics: 8-10 cloves per bulb. 45-50 cloves per pound. Stores 10-11 months. Recommended for zones 5-10. Produces scapes. Medium.
Please note: Please note: All Ajo Rojo garlic seed ordered now will be shipped starting mid September, 2023.
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