I apologize that this variety will not be available for the 2024 season.

Georgia Fire – Porcelain hardneck variety. Originated from Cichisdzhvari in the central Republic of Georgia, this cultivar is tolerant of cold winter climates. It contains a high content of the sulfur compound allicin, which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant properties. The high allicin content makes the flavor more sulfurous and hot. Teardrop shaped bulbs with large cloves. Georgia Fire bulbs do not get very big, but they have nice large cloves, if you will be disappointed that the bulbs are not big, Georgia Fire is not the right choice for you. The bulb skin wrappers may flaunt a hint of pink or gold.
Georgia Fire garlic characteristics: 5 – 9 cloves per bulb. 30 – 45 cloves per pound. Mid harvest. Stores 5 months. Recommended for Zones 1-7. Hottest.

Please note: All Georgia Fire garlic seed ordered now will be shipped starting in mid September, 2023.

8 oz: $13.75.