Purple Stripe hardneck variety – This garlic is not from China!

Purple Stripe hardneck variety. The Purple Stripe horticultural group has been awarded the “best baked garlic” by Martha Stewart, Sunset Magazine and Rodale Press. Purple Stripes maintain their flavor after cooking.
Please note: All garlic will be shipped on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s through October. That means we are taking Tuesday’s and Thursday’s off. 

Purple Stripe Culinary Garlic Characteristics

10 – 12 cloves per bulb. 50 – 60 cloves per pound. Late harvest. Stores 5 – 6 months. Small bulbs store the longest. [Hot] Recommended for Zones 1-9.

1 lb: $14.25. We have bulbs available with missing cloves. Some cloves were damaged in the field, (bruised) so we removed the damaged cloves and the rest of the bulb is fine. Now on sale: bulbs with missing cloves $12.00 per pound.