Sorry, not available for the 2024 garlic planting season.

Porcelain hardneck variety. Originated from Northern Germany. This garlic thrives in cold winter climates. It could possibly be the most cold hardy garlic ever recorded. It has been documented to have grown in temperatures of 18 degrees below freezing. One Upstate New York gardener has grown it for over 10 years and claims that it withstood temperatures of 60 below! Classic Porcelain rose tinted bulbs, with huge   cloves and high allicin content. Please note: This garlic must have a cold winter climate to produce nice bulbs. If you do not live in Zone 5 or above, we do not recommend this variety for you.
4 to 6 cloves per bulb. 25 to 30 cloves per pound. Late harvest. Stores 6 months. Zones 1 to 7. Produces scapes. Hot.
Please note: All Premium Northern White Garlic seed ordered now will be shipped mid September, 2023. Thanks!

8 oz: $14.50.