***This garlic will ship within a few days.  Still very fresh from our 2023 harvest.***


Silverskin Softneck culinary garlic. This organic culinary garlic is not from China!
It is the same as our seed, just smaller bulbs.

Silverskin softneck variety. Outstanding storage quality with a hot flavor. In storage, they can handle more humidity than other softnecks, making them some of the longest storing garlic of all. The bulb skins are white with hints of pink and the flavor is spicy.

If you want a long storing garlic, Silverskins are for you! Your culinary garlic will either be Silverwhite or Nootka Rose.


Please note: This culinary Garlic ordered now will be shipped within a few days. Thanks!

Silverskin culinary Garlic Characteristics: 12 to 15 cloves per bulb • Stores 8 to 10 months!   • Hot

1 lb: $13.00.