Nootka Rose Silverskin softneck variety. Originated in the Puget Sound, Washington, by Steve Bensel of Nootka Rose Farm on Waldron Island. Beautiful symmetrical bulbs with taut skins that are silky white and burgundy colored cloves. The storage quality is extraordinary: the longest storing of all garlic species. A braid of Nootka Rose is quite impressive due to the elongated leaves. Silverskins can grow in varied climates, from maritime, cool wet winters, to arid, hot dry winters

Nootka Rose Garlic Characteristics

12 to 15 cloves per bulb • 60 to 75 cloves per pound • Stores 8 to 10 months! • Hot
8 oz: $13.25.
1 lb: $23.25.
2 lbs: $44.25.