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Artichoke Softneck Variety

Red Toch – Artichoke softneck variety. Originated in the small village of Tochliavri, in the Republic of Georgia, and brought to the U.S. by John Swenson, AKA “Tochliavri”. Cultivated in a northern climate, Red Toch can handle cold northern winters. Red Toch is a favorite softneck variety of garlic experts Chester Aaron and Darrell Merrell. When stressed by hot weather close to harvest time, Artichokes may produce a hardneck (or scape) with several bulbils (seeds). This Artichoke softneck varietal is an excellent choice for braiding due to it’s gorgeous red and purple bulb skin color. All Hood River Garlic is Certified Organic and grown in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon and Washington, USA.

Red Toch Garlic Characteristics: 10 – 15 cloves per bulb. 85 – 95 cloves per pound. Early harvest variety. Stores 6 – 7 months. Recommended for Zones 2-10. Mild flavor.

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