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Chesnok Red Hardneck Garlic 
Purple Stripe hardneck variety. Originated from Shvelisi, Achakiche Province, in the southern region of the Republic of Georgia, AKA “Shvelisi”. According to one of our nice customers, the word “Chesnok” means garlic in Russian. The Purple Stripe horticultural group has been awarded the “best baked garlic” by Martha Stewart, Sunset Magazine and Rodale Press. Chesnok Red truly maintains its flavor after cooking and is a consistent producer. A superior varietal that should be in all garlic lovers’ gardens.

Chesnok Red Garlic Characteristics: 10 – 12 cloves per bulb. 50 – 60 cloves per pound. Late harvest. Stores 5 – 6 months. Small bulbs store the longest. [Hot] Recommended for Zones 1-9. Medium sized cloves.

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