Asiatic Hardneck Variety

Pyong Vang, Asiatic hardneck variety. Originated from the village of Pyongyang, North Korea, by John Swenson, AKA “Pyongjang, Pyongyang and Pyong Yang”. Asiatics are an Artichoke sub-variety; they mature and are ready for harvest right after the Artichokes. The purple striped outer skin is taut and firm, helping maintain a longer shelf life than their Purple Stripe cousins. Cloves have brown skins with a dark red blush.

Pyong Vang Garlic Characteristics:

7 to 10 cloves per bulb • 60 to 65 cloves per pound • Mid harvest Stores 6 months • Zones 3 to 10 • Produces scapes • Hottest.
Please note: All Pyong Vang Garlic seed ordered now will be shipped starting mid September, 2023. Thanks!

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