California Early – Artichoke softneck variety. The probable origin of California Early is Gilroy, California by John Swenson. The bulbs are very symmetrical with silky smooth skin and a faint pink pinstripe, making them very attractive in garlic braids. California Early is more tolerant of hotter climates than Susanville. The bulbs have nice sized cloves on the outside and smaller inner cloves. The taste is a mild but very pleasing; makes a nice addition to breakfast burritos!

California Early garlic characteristics: 9 to 11 cloves per bulb • 58 to 65 cloves per pound • Early harvest
Stores 8 months • Zones 2 to 10 • Does not produce scapes • Medium

Please note: All California Early garlic seed ordered now will be shipped starting in mid September, 2023.

8 oz: $13.50.
1 lb: $23.50.
2 lbs: $43.50.