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Turban hardneck variety. Originating from a market in Bangkok then finally made its way into the U.S. via British Columbia. Thai Fire is extremely adaptable and can grow in diverse climates, ranging from mild, warm winters, to cold, wet winters. Turbans are a sub-species of the Artichoke group; they are weak bolting and sometimes produce a weak scape therefore resembling a softneck. Due to this softer neck, Turban Hardneck Garlic varieties are easy to braid. The outer skin has the beautiful silky white and rich lavender stripes adding beautiful color to your garlic braid.

Thai Fire Garlic Characteristics: 6 – 8 cloves per bulb. 38 – 48 cloves per pound. Early harvest. Stores 6 – 7 months. Hot.

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1 lb: $25.00.