Japanese – Asiatic hardneck variety. Originated from Washington State, acquired by Giannangelo Farms from an old farmer of Japanese
descent, AKA “Sakura”. The Japanese cultivar is very unique for an Asiatic; it has porcelain colored bulb skin, huge cloves and milder flavor. Other Asiatics are predominantly purple striped and express smaller, more abundant cloves per bulb. The plant produces long and extravagant umbel capsules.
Japanese Garlic Characteristics: 2 to 6 cloves per bulb. 30 to 35 cloves per pound. Mid harvest. Stores 5-6 months. Zones 3 to 10. Recommended for zones 3 to 10. Produces scapes. Hottest.

Please note: All Japanese Garlic seed ordered now will be shipped starting mid September, 2023. Thanks!

8 oz: $13.75.
1 lb: $23.75.