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Susanville Artichoke Softneck Variety – This superb variety most likely originated from Gilroy, California. One of our all-time favorite garlic varieties: Susanville has beautiful purple skin, exceptional storage quality and true garlic flavor that is more flavorful than hot. It performs well in the field producing large bulbs and consistent yields, it is easy to grow and adapts to both southern and northern climates. A superior variety for its healthy robust bulbs, delicious flavor and long shelf life. This Artichoke softneck varietal is an excellent choice for braiding due to it’s gorgeous red and purple bulb skin color. All Hood River Garlic is Certified Organic and grown in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon and Washington, USA.

Susanville Garlic Characteristics: 10 – 15 cloves per bulb. 85 – 95 cloves per pound. Early harvest variety. Stores 6 – 7 months. Recommended for Zones 2-10. Mild flavor.

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